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canstockphoto0265720Tween’s audio podcasts provide the independent learner — at home or at school, with the opportunity to learn good work habits, time management, and organizational skills. Ten audio lessons interact with The Middle School Student’s Guide to Ruling the World!, educating and entertaining students as they follow along with the chronically disorganized kids of U.B. Smart Middle School, to learn essential skills and strategies for success in middle school. The podcast program is also a great way to supplement or flip instruction. Students need a pen or pencil and their copy of The Middle School Student’s Guide to Ruling the World! Click on a lesson title below for some fun and learning! Also available on iTunes at podcasts/audiopodcasts/k12/susan mulcaire.

Lesson 1: “How to Be a Disorganized Student” (25:55)

Lesson 2: “Scattered Sara Organizes a Goof Proof Binder” (27:04)

Lesson 3: “Chris Has a Case of PPD!” (24:11)

Lesson 4: “Study Bud to the Rescue!” (29:58)

Lesson 5: “Jamal Has a Bad Dream” (30:31)

Lesson 6: “Due Dates, Deadlines & Directions:Polly Takes To Do Notes” (25:27)

Lesson 7: “The Rubric Road Trip” (25:31)

Lesson 8: “Perfect Polly Goes Totally Mental” (25:28)

Lesson 9: “What’s Stalking Sara?” (25:13)

Lesson 10: Levels, Challenges and Cheats. Guru Bob Explains It All (26:58)

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