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The 21st Century Student’s Guide to College!

There’s no better time than the middle years to get students focused on and excited about college! The U.S. Department of Education, AMLE, EPIC and many others recommend that middle schools advance the college readiness of their students by providing college and career planning information, and teaching students about postsecondary education options. Tween Publishing has the ideal program! It’s 100% classroom-ready, fun for students, and chock-full of valuable information for getting students confidently on the postsecondary path. Here’s how:

Connect. Too many young students are put off by the idea of four more years of school after high school. We educate students about the lifelong benefits of a college education, encouraging an emotional connection to the goal of college. We also appeal to their lighter side — they learn that college will be one of the most enjoyable experiences of their lives.

Familiarize. Who wouldn’t be intimidated by the path to college? It’s (overly)complicated! Most students enter high school completely unable to “speak college” which really has a language of its own. This 15-lesson course covers key concepts about college, college prep, selection, and postsecondary. We cover regions, affiliations, majors, alternatives to a traditional four year, paying for college, life on a college campus, college and grad school degrees, and much more. 

VisualizeWhen students see themselves achieving a goal they are more likely to achieve it. Lessons and activities such as I Spy a College Campus, Let’s Hit the Road — Virtual College Road Trip, Let’s Apply to College!, Move-In Day, Game On! College Sports, and Major Discoveries encourage students to take that first step on the path to college by visualizing themselves as college students. They’re going to like what they see.

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Check out the full product e-previews here:

The 21st Century Student’s Guide to College (Student Workbook) $11.95
The 21st Century Student’s Guide to College (Instructor’s Guide) $45.95

STOP!  Before you buy the ebook:  Due to copyright restrictions, ebooks are not downloadable to printers.  Ebooks must be bought and downloaded one-by-one on the device they will be used on.  Ebook  interior pages are in color, but print version interior pages are in black n white. (Sorry, it’s a cost thing.)  

Student Workbook

Price: $12.95

Student Workbook (e-book)  EBOOKS ARE NOT PRINTABLE
Price: $9.99 


Instructors Guide
Price: $49.95

Instructors Guide(e-book)
Price: $39.99 




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