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Here’s A Peek at The SOS Table of Contents!

Middle School Confidential: Students Only! Some Good News and Some Bad News…
Scandal Rocks Ms. Readmoreʼs Language Arts Class!

Meet the Organizationally-Challenged Students of U.B. Smart Middle School The Journey Begins with a Mysterious MapTruth or Dare? How Do You Rate Your Organizational Skills?

One: The Binder

Scattered Sara Designs a Goof-Proof Binder System™. Download sample here

Two: The Planner

Chronically Disorganized Chris Gets Help for a Case of PPD

Three: The Study Bud

Awesome Study Buds for Larry!

Four: The Teacher

Jamal Researches the Proper Care and Treatment of Middle School Teachers

Five: Class Notes

Tunʼn in & Takʼn Notes with Polly (and Molly)

Six: Your Workspace

Larryʼs List for a Workspace that Rocks!

Seven: The Rubric

Jamal Learns to Follow the Rules of Rubric Road. Download sample here

Eight: The Computer

Perfect Polly Ponders the Possibilities: can ur cmputr b 4 mor than imʼs?

Nine: The “Write Stuff”

Jamalʼs Essay Gets an Extreme Makeover

Ten: The Mental Checklist

Polly Experiences the Amazing Powers of the Mental Checklist

The Case of the Nasty Homework Habits

On the Case with Ace – Homework Stake Out

The Case of the Sneaky Social Studies Project

Whatʼs Stalking the Students of U.B. Smart Middle School?

The Mystery of the Missing Assignments

Chris Receives a Mysterious Note

Motivation Mountain

The Quest, the Method, the Challenge (and the Cheats)

Level One: What is a Goal, and Why Are Goals Important in Middle School?

Level Two: What Goals Should a Student Have for Middle School?

Level Three: What is the Goaldilockʼs Rule of Goal Setting?

Level Four: What About Activity and Interest Goals?

Level Five: Rewards in Middle School? (So Long Stickers and Stars!)

Level Six: How is a Goalbuster Like Kryptonite?

Level Seven: Whatʼs with the Attitude?

Level Eight: The Final Challenge—Can You Put It All Together?

The Last Stop: On Top of the World!

Please go to The College and Career Academy at https://collegereadyacademy.com/ to purchase access to student ebooks and Instructor's E-Guides.