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PDF e-books

How do I purchase an ebook?

You may buy an e-book on this website using any major credit card.

How soon after I place my order will I receive my ebook?

When you purchase an ebook, a link will display on the order confirmation page. Do not navigate away from that page before the download is complete.

Is the ebook compatible with the Kindle?

The ebooks are compatible with PC, Mac and Linux computers, as well as Apple and Android devices. The e-books are not compatible with Kindle e-readers or the Kindle Fire.

My school has a tablet program. How do I order ebooks for all of the students in my class?

The e-books are not capable of bulk purchase and distribution. They must be bought one-by-one on the device it will be used on. The link is not transferrable. If you have many student users, please check out our subscription program.

Can I print out the ebook?

No. Our ebooks are not downloadable to printers. They may not be duplicated, scanned, or printed due to intellectual property protection and copyright laws.

Can I take notes in the ebook?

Open the ebook with a note-taking app such as Evernote or Noteability in order to “write” in it.