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New Podcasts! Teach the Teacher – Getting Personal


Don’t feel confident in your ability to teach financial literacy? You can do it! We’ve created these podcasts to jumpstart your ability to master the instructional content in The 21st Century Student’s Guide to Financial Literacy – Getting Personal, so you can move quickly and confidently into the classroom to start teaching this valuable curriculum to your students. There will be a total of 19 podcasts, including a course intro and one podcast per lesson plan. Remember: First read the lesson plan in the Instructor’s Guide; then listen to the corresponding podcasts to enhance your understanding of the content and lesson objectives. For more information about this course go to www.financialliteracylessons.com Enjoy!

UNIT 1 – Earning an Income 


Teach the Teacher: Course Introduction

Lesson 1: Getting Personal. You and Your Money

Lesson 2: The Battle of the Banks

Lesson 3: A Job That Pays!

Lesson 4: Pay. It’s More Than a Salary!

Lesson 5: Honey, They Shrunk My Paycheck

Lesson 6: The Global Employee

UNIT 2 – Building Wealth

Lesson 7: The Credit Conundrum

Lesson 8: Supersize Your Savings

Lesson 9: Home Is Where the Mortgage or Lease Is

Lesson 10: Your Risky Retirement

Lesson 11: Investing 101

Lesson 12: Small Biz Whiz

UNIT 3 – Preserving & Protecting Wealth

Lesson 13: Credit Card Craze

Lesson 14: The Beauty of the Budget

Lesson 15:  Protect What You’ve Earned

Lesson 16: Share with Care

Lesson 17: How to Lose It All

Lesson 18: Resolving Insolvency

Stay tuned! More to come…

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