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The Organizational Skills Advantage

Messy binders, missing assignments, failure to follow directions…

Too many bright, capable students underachieve in middle school because of poor organizational skills. Even the brightest of students will get a poor grade on a paper or assignment if its turned in late, or will be marked down a project if they don’t follow directions. If you’re concerned that your student is not demonstrating good work habits, time management and organizational skills, you’re not alone. It’s a common problem.

Many new-to-middle school students have left the comfort of their elementary school having little, if any, training in the kinds of skills they need for success in middle school. Without good basic organizational skills, middle school students often become overwhelmed, and can begin a downward spiral of underachievement that can last into the high school years and beyond.

Fortunately, good work habits, time management, and organizational skills can be taught. The Middle School Student’s Guide to Ruling the World! provides 16 fun easy to read chapter (comics included) for learning practical skills and strategies for good work habits, time management, and organizational skills.

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