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The College Knowledge Advantage

May seem like a long way off, but your student will soon be making many academic and personal decisions that impact their postsecondary career.

Do you know that much of a student’s success in college is attributable to their pre-college understanding of postsecondary education? College is far too expensive a venture for students to make the wrong school choice, fail to adequately prepare, or to misunderstand the challenges of living away from home.

The 21st Century Student’s Guide to College has 15 chapters for getting students confidently on to the postsecondary path. This fun curriculum covers key terms and concepts about postsecondary education including college regions, affiliations, selection, majors, alternatives to the traditional four year college, paying for college, life on a college campus, study abroad, making the right housing choice, college and grad school degrees, and more.

Students learn over 100 college and postsecondary terms and concepts. Your students will love this fun introduction to all things college! Ideal for Grades 7-11.


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