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Why Teach Study Skills?

study-skillsAccording to ACT’s 2016 National Curriculum Survey, study skills are clearly the weak link of college readiness. The same conclusion was reached in Achieve’s extensive college-readiness survey  where work habits and study skills also topped the area in which students are least prepared for the demands of postsecondary work. Both surveys confirm what we have been saying all along: College readiness is far more than what students know — it’s about how they learn. To prepare for the academic demands of high school and postsecondary coursework, students must develop productive learning skills and strategies for the acquisition, retention, and demonstration of knowledge. Many students simply do not have the  academic skills and strategies they need in order to succeed at the postsecondary level.

The Middle School Student’s Guide to Study Skills makes it easy and affordable to implement an academic habits program at your school. 28 lessons cover essential skills and strategies for deeper and more meaningful learning, including how (and why) to be a metacognitive student, memory and recall, learning & intelligence styles, pre-learning strategies, active learning, active reading, active listening, Cornell and Matrix notes, mnemonics, time-spaced learning, test-taking skills and strategies, the challenges of distance learning, critical thinking, information literacy… and much more! This program also comes with classroom slides and Letters to Parent.

(CCRS skill sets: academic behaviors, study skills, self-management skills, ownership of learning, self-awareness, persistence, goal setting, strategic reading, time management, research, interpretation.)  

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