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Why Teach College Knowledge?

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 5.26.28 PMDo you know that most students enter high school having had little, if any, counseling about postsecondary education? Yet no matter what a student’s background and experience is, most encounter some obstacle to college.

For many, the unfamiliar and (overly)complicated college preparation and application process proves too difficult to manage. Others fail to grasp the importance of a rigorous college prep until too late in their high school years. Some fail to make any postsecondary plans, or make inadequate plans because they do not fully comprehend the social and financial benefits of college. Others wind up in a college that is a poor fit for their academic needs and abilities, ultimately not completing their four-year degree. Poor postsecondary choices are the consequences of too little college knowledge, too late.  

College knowledge a key element of college readiness and should be part of a student’s education long before high school. Many educational organizations, including ACT, EPIC, AMLE, and the U.S. Department of Education recommend that students begin learning about college as early as sixth grade. Middle school can play an important role in guiding early preparation for postsecondary education through  introducing students and their parents to the college prep and the college process, and teaching students the unique language of college. By the time students get to high school, they should be confidently on the path to postsecondary.

The 21st Century Student’s Guide to College is the ideal program for getting students in grades 6-8 on the path to successful postsecondary education. 15 fun lessons introduce students to the lifelong benefits of a college education, encouraging them to connect to the goal of college. It also appeals to their lighter side by demonstrating that college will be one of the most enjoyable experiences of their lives. By the time students complete this course they understand key concepts about college prep, college selection, applying to college, campus life, alternative postsecondary paths, postgraduate goals — even a little about college sports. Letters to Parent included.

(CCRS skill sets: Building postsecondary awareness and aspirations, admissions requirements, college types and missions, affording college, financial aid, program selection, career options, college culture, college prep terminology.)


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