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Each month we post a free lesson plan or worksheet — or both!  We also post links to any college readiness sources, websites, books, articles, or tools we come across that we believe would be valuable useful for teachers and students on the quest for college and career readiness. Follow us on  Twitter — we tweet when we post.

How is a Planner Like a Radar?

posted April 18, 2105

Using a planner as part of a daily routine is one of the best ways students can keep track of due dates and deadlines, and plan ahead for particularly busy days. It’s a great habit to develop which actually reduces students’ stress levels. If only they would believe it!  Here’s a fun article on getting students to think of their  planner as sort-of a radar that enables them to monitor and control what’s entered their academic “air space”.

Where's My Pot Of Gold? Wealth Disparity in AmericaWhere’s My Pot of Gold? Wealth Disparity In America

posted April 27, 2015

The terms income inequality and wealth disparity are frequently in the news. What do these terms mean and why do they matter? Your students should know a little about these important issues. This short worksheet is a great place to start!


College Knowledge6 Last Minute Activities for Teaching College Knowledge 

Congratulations! Your 8th graders are moving up. In just a few short weeks they will be on the path to college. What kinds of obstacles do they face to postsecondary education? Consider the college knowledge profiles, then select from the activities to help your students advance their college knowledge before  heading to high school.

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