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The 21st Century Student’s Guide to Financial Literacy – Getting Personal

21st CSGFL2 - CoverWhat your students don’t know about money will hurt them. Maybe not now, maybe not next year — but a lifetime of financial illiteracy can lead to high debt levels, unstable financial futures, and limits social and economic opportunities.

Has your school or district put off providing students with a solid financial education because it’s been unable to find just the right curriculum? You can stop searching. You’ve found it! The 21st Century Student’s Guide to Financial Literacy – Getting Personal has 18 fun and highly relevant lessons in all aspects of personal finance and money management. Included are employment and income, employee benefits, education and income, income vs. wealth, the importance of building wealth, banking, saving, budgeting, 401K retirement plans, IRAs, credit and credit cards, taxes and withholding, car insurance, healthcare insurance, homeownership, preserving and protecting wealth, and much more. Worksheets, practice activities, and assessments included.

Students master over 300 key personal finance terms and concepts. Easy to teach. Fully loaded and classroom-ready! Free classroom slides. Free flashcards. Free teach-the-teacher podcasts. Possibly the most valuable course your students will ever take. Available through Tween Publishing and its high school imprint c21 Publishing. Not available in ebook format.

Considering a free financial education program offered by a bank or credit union?  
Caution! These programs fall short on many important personal finance and money management topics, and fail to provide a comprehensive and objective learning experience for students. Free financial literacy programs, such as those offered or sponsored by banks and credit unions, are often vehicles for promoting the financial institution’s products, and increasing customer base and loyalty. As primary hawkers of consumer credit, these institutions may not adequately address the dangers of consumer debt. Programs offered and sponsored by banks and credit unions will not provide students with the level of healthy skepticism of financial institutions, their products, and motives that they need to make informed financial decisions throughout their lives. The 21st Century Student’s Guide to Financial Literacy is a comprehensive and objective presentation of personal finance and money management topics.
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