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Helping Your “Organizationally-Challenged” Student


It’s painful to watch your child slip into underachievement. What happened to that happy elementary school student with the decent grades? Middle school happened.

In middle school, poor work habits, time management, and organizational skills are primary culprits in underachievement. They manifest themselves as things like messy binders, missing assignments, and failure to follow directions. Those things didn’t have quite the same impact in elementary school, but in middle school, teachers expectations are higher, there’s a lot less “hand-holding,” and deadlines and due dates are enforced. Poor work habits, time management, and organizational skills can impact a student’s overall academic performance. Underachievement at the middle level can knock the confidence and motivation out of a student and cause them to disconnect with education. It’s essential that students achieve and succeed in middle school.

Tween’s curriculum responds to numerous studies indicating that poor work habits, time management, and organizational skills play a key role in middle school success. Tween’s resources have made it easy for middle schools to respond to the needs of their students by offering a fun and comprehensive curriculum for teaching these skills.

A middle level study skills or college readiness program should always begin with organizational skills instruction because things like messy binders, missing assignments, and failure to follow directions are the kinds of things that trip up middle level students. Once students have organizational practices and strategies in place, traditional study skills, such as outlining and memory techniques, are more likely to succeed. Study and organizational skills are key to college readiness.

The Middle School Student’s Guide to Ruling the World! has 16 chapters and fun activities to teach students in grades 5-8 practical skills and strategies for success in middle school. There are also 10 fun, supplementary audio podcasts available for download as well as a web-based Power Point application for use in the classroom.

Some of the skills taught in ‘The Middle School Student’s Guide to Ruling the World!’ include how to:
•    organize a “Goof Proof Binder”
•    survive a case of “PPD” (Personal Planner Disorder)
•    design a workspace that rocks!
•    sweat the small  stuff  (intro to grade averaging)
•    successfully manage a group project
•    uza cmptr 4 mor thn im’s
•    follow the Rules of Rubric Road
•    plan a long term project

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