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What’s Happening at Tween?

July 2017

We have dedicated a brand new, independent website to our financial literacy products. It can be found at www.financialliteracylessons.com. Financial literacy is an essential 21st century skill. Students cannot be truly 21st century-educated without some level of personal finance knowledge and skills.

The new site is chock full of information about financial literacy, and we’re adding more all the time. With all the course free extras like slides, flashcards and Teach-the-Teacher podcasts, we have endeavored to make teaching this important subject so easy you can’t help but say “yes!” to our programs. If you know of any teacher who is curious about teaching financial literacy or looking for financial education resources (Hello, Florida and Wisconsin!) please share the news.

We also have a brand new quarterly financial literacy newsletter: The Financial Literacy Teacher. If you are (or know) a financial educator, this publication will be quite useful to them as it’s full of the latest news and analysis of financial education issues. If you want to sign up for the newsletter, go to www.financialliteracylessons.com or drop us a line at financialliteracylessons@gmail.com

A note on the ebooks:  If you are an ebook purchaser, due to copyright restrictions ebooks are not downloadable to printers. Ebooks must be bought and downloaded one-by-one on the device they will be used on.  To buy online, you do not need a Pay Pal account. Pay Pal is the secured card processor.

Purchase orders are accepted. Email to middleschoolguide@gmail.com or fax 949-209-1871. You may also download an order form and email or fax it to (949) 209-1871 with card info. We keep all payment information secure. If you need a quote, please complete the Request a Quote and we’ll get one to you within 24 hours.


Susan Mulcaire
Tween Publishing & c21 Student Resources

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