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What’s Happening at Tween?

March 2017
 Given recent news and upcoming changes in America, the topics of social justice and equality have been on many people’s minds. The ability to understand personal finance and money management is closely linked with financial prosperity. Financial illiteracy correlates with poverty and the inability to build wealth and financial security. These things deny people a good education, healthcare, decent housing, and even impact life expectancy. There are all sorts of electives available, but teaching financial literacy is a first and very important step on the road to empowering students to achieve social justice and equality.
The 21st Century Student’s Guide to Financial Literacy – Getting Personal has 18 easy to teach, fully loaded lesson plans in all aspects of personal finance and money management. Employment and income, taxes and withholding, banking, saving, budgeting, credit cards, employee benefits, insurance, homeownership, investing, capital gains, retirement, protecting wealth and more.

Preview the student workbook here: Unit 1    Unit 2   Unit 3

As always a note on the ebooks:  If you are an ebook purchaser, due to copyright restrictions ebooks are not downloadable to printers. Ebooks must be bought and downloaded one-by-one on the device they will be used on.

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Susan Mulcaire
Tween Publishing & c21 Student Resources

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