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July 2014

Happy Independence Day! July 4 is one of my favorite holidays (right up there with Halloween and Thanksgiving.) I love the festive BBQs and patriotic displays. It’s also nice to have a day off, as July gets pretty busy around here. We try to get orders out quickly — within 48 hours. But the summer months being our busiest, please allow us about 10-14 days for delivery. Remember, you are welcome to designate a “do not deliver before” date on your order if your building is closed for the summer.

The 21st Century Student’s Guide to Commerce & Innovation is coming along very well. There is just so much excellent and useful information in this program. One of the best things about teaching this curriculum is that it’s a step toward helping to level the playing field. Income disparity is a huge issue in this country and around the world. Frankly, your students have little hope of even “getting in the game” without a basic understanding of how the game is played. Also, I believe that in every student there is a budding innovator. This course is a fun insight into innovation. Students will be interested to know how many wildly successful companies were started by people not much older than them.

I’m happy to announce that a middle school here in SoCal will be piloting the program starting in September. Please contact me if your school is interested in piloting.


The 21st Century Student’s Guide to Commerce & Innovation

1. Look Out! You’re Surrounded!
     Introduction to commerce; comparing local, national and global commerce; consumers and economic indicators. 

  2. Cave Man Commerce
    The origins of commerce; barter terms and concepts and their connection to modern commerce;  

 3. Show Me the Medium of Exchange      
      The origins, functions and characteristics of money.

4. The Money Morph
The evolution of money; the role of central banks; the gold standard; fiat; electronic and virtual money.

5. Crazy for Currency
    The history of currency; currency around the world; currency conversion; weak vs. strong currency.   

 6. The World Goes for Wealth in a Big Way
    Money’s impact on the growth of commerce and civilization; the origins of banking.

 7. Commerce Capitalism
    Nutshell history of capitalism; capitalism’s unique suitability for commerce; the stability link.

 8. Commerce = the Sum of Many Parts
     The industries comprising global commerce; business and innovation clusters; tuning into opportunities.

9.  The Trait to Innovate
    Innovation; traits of innovators; associational thinking and collaboration.

 10. When is a Garage for More than Parking a Car?
    Start Ups and 10 Young American Entrepreneurs;

 11. You Be the Entrepreneur!
     R & D, patents, and the path to production; Part 1 Innovation Team project;

 12. Capital Idea    
       The lifeblood of commerce; seed money, crowd-funding, Angel investors, and venture capital; Part 2 Innovation Team project.

 13. Business Blast
    Comparing business entities; Officers & Directors; board meetings; Roberts Rules of Order; IPO’s. Part 3 Innovation Team project

 14. Who Put the Wall in Wall Street?

   Debt vs. equity; origins of corporations and Wall Street; stock exchanges around the world;

 15. Walk’n on Wall Street
  Bulls and bears; reading a stock quote; valuation concepts. Part 1 Stock Pick Team Competition.

 16.  Markets and Sectors and Indexes, Oh My!
    Market influences; DJIA, S&P 500, and other market indexes; Part 2 Stock Pick Team Competition

 17. The Rise of the Regulators  
    Regulated markets; regulatory agencies’ functions and enforcement; World Trade Organization; IMF;  Trade treaties and agreements.

As always, if you have any questions about our resources, please call or email. We’re happy to answer questions and provide additional information.  You may submit orders through this website, or download the order form and email or fax the order form to (949) 209-1871. Please allow 7-10 days for delivery of your entire order.  If you are in need of a quote, complete the Request a Quote and we’ll get one to you within 24 hours.

Susan Mulcaire, Tween Publishing