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November 2014

Each century has skills and knowledge that are particularly relevant to the times. In the 19th century it was undoubtedly agriculture; in the 20th century, industry. For the 21st century, knowledge about global commerce, business and innovation is the ticket to college and career readiness. Every student should have a basic understanding of these things. The 21st Century Student’s Guide to Commerce & Innovation provides a solid foundation for young students to develop a higher level of understanding and life-long interest in these subjects. The education gained in this course is among the most relevant that students can receive to thrive in our global society.

We’re anticipating a Dec 2014 release. This curriculum will publish under the name of YouCan2 Publishing which is the (new!) high school imprint of Tween. This course is ideal for 9-12, but could be managed by many 8th graders. As soon as the IG is ready we’ll post the e-preview on the site so you can judge for yourselves. In the meantime, check out the Instructor’s Guide Lesson TOC

Our e-book subscription service is up and running! This is a web-based service enabling schools to subscribe to ebooks in any quantity for up to one quarter, semester, or academic year. Check out subscription plans here:  

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All publications are available in print, by subscription, and as digital/ebooks. Please note that ebooks must be purchased one at a time. The link is not transferable so they are readable only on the device used for purchase. Ebooks are not downloadable to a printer

You may submit orders through this website, or download the order form and email or fax the order form to (949) 209-1871.  If you need a quote, complete the Request a Quote and we’ll get one to you within 24 hours.

Susan Mulcaire, Tween Publishing