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August 2014

Many of you are heading back to school in the next week or so. Here’s wishing you a productive and happy new school year.

I am thrilled because Number 2 Son arrived home today after completing his freshman year at Waseda University in Japan. He is on a six week break and then back to Tokyo. He’s working hard on the language, because by senior year all instruction is in Japanese. Here’s Number One Son and M’Lady greeting him at LAX.  

Some news on the ebook front/battle: Unfortunately, the ebooks on this site are downloadable one-by-one only which is a cumbersome process. Many of you have called needing bulk distribution to a variety of platforms: android, Ipad, PC, etc. and would like students to be able to access materials both at home and school. Covering all these bases is not easy. After a lot of research we have decided to go with a subscription service which can be bulk purchased, works across multiple platforms, is low cost, and can be accessed anywhere any time. We hope to be up and running within a few days. Apologies to all of you who have been waiting for weeks. All publications will remain available in print too of course.

Note for August:  We try to get orders out quickly — within 48 hours. Summer months are very busy, so please allow us about 7-10 days for delivery. You are welcome to designate a “do not deliver before” date on your order if your building is closed for the summer.

The 21st Century Student’s Guide to Commerce & Innovation is coming along well. There is so much intriguing and useful information in this program. It is a challenging course, well-suited for 8-12 grades, but not really for below 8th. Each lesson has 10-14 key vocabulary words, 2 activities, a blog/debate/discussion topic, and an essay question. Unit assessments are included. Contact me if your school is interested in piloting. Please let your high schools know about this new program – it’s truly excellent and engaging (if I do say so myself.)

 The 21st Century Student’s Guide to Commerce & Innovation

1. Look Out! You’re Surrounded!
     Introduction to commerce; comparing local, national and global commerce; consumerism; economic indicators CCI & CPI. 

  2. Cave Man Commerce
    The origins of commerce; barter terms and concepts and their connection to modern commerce; deficiencies of barter.

 3. Show Me the Medium of Exchange      
      The origins, functions and characteristics of money; detecting counterfeit currency; the money supply.

4.  Money Morph
The evolution of money; the role of central banks; the Federal Reserve Bank; the gold standard; fiat; electronic funds; virtual currency.

5. Crazy for Currency
    The history of currency; currency around the world; currency conversion; weak vs. strong currency: euro and the Eurozone.

 6. Crusaders, Unpleasant Peasants & Mobsters – The World Goes for Wealth
    Money’s impact on commerce; the medieval revival of commerce; the origins of banking; investment vs. commercial banks.

 7. Commerce Capitalism
    Capitalism in a nutshell; property rights and profit; compatibility of capitalism and commerce; 

 8. Commerce = the Sum of Many Parts
     The industries comprising global commerce; innovation clusters; cluster mapping; tuning into career opportunities around the world.

9.  The Trait to Innovate
    Innovation vs invention; traits of innovators; 10 young American innovators; associational thinking.

 10. When is a Garage for More than Parking a Car?
    Start ups; entrepreneurs; intellectual property; USPTO; patent, trademark, and copyright; 

 11. You Be the Entrepreneur!
     R & D and the path to production; industrial espionage; trade secret protection; Part 1 Innovation Team project;

 12. Business Blast
    The benefits of business entities; Officers & Directors; Roberts Rules of Order; IPO’s. Part 3 Innovation Team project

13. The Quest for Capital  
Venture capital; loans; seed money, crowd-funding, angel investors; marketing plans; Part 2 Innovation Team project.

 14. Who Put the Wall in Wall Street?

   Debt vs. equity; origins of stock; the history of Wall Street; security exchanges around the world; Securities and Exchange Commission.

 15. Walk’n on Wall Street
  Stock value; stock quote terms and symbols; bull and bear markets; Part 1 Stock Pick Team Competition.

 16.  Markets and Sectors and Indexes, Oh My!
    Market influences; market momentum; Dow-Jones Industrial Average; S&P 500; International Monetary Fund;  Part 2 Stock Pick Team Competition

 17. The Rise of the Regulators  
    Regulated markets; regulatory agencies’ functions and enforcement; World Trade Organization; International Monetary Fund; Trade treaties and agreements; Part 3 Stock Pick Team Competition

As always, if you have any questions about our resources, please call or email. We’re happy to answer questions and provide additional information. You may submit orders through this website, or download the order form and email or fax the order form to (949) 209-1871.  If you need a quote, complete the Request a Quote and we’ll get one to you within 24 hours.

Susan Mulcaire, Tween Publishing