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Middle School Guide to Ruling the World!


The Middle School Student’s Guide to Ruling the World has 16 lessons in good work habits, time management, and organizational skills. Students learn strategies for success in middle school and beyond. Comics, characters, and ten fun free audio podcasts and classroom slides make teaching this course a breeze! 

Students learn how to:   

  •  organize a Goof-Proof Binder
  •  survive a case of “PPD” (Personal Planner Disorder)
  •  create a workspace that rocks! (pre-learning strategies) 
  •  take the “grrr” out of a group project (productive collaboration)
  •  take “to do” notes
  •  detect and correct wasteful homework habits (metacognition)
  •  impress their teachers as responsible students (self-advocacy)
  •  manage a long term project
  •  use awesome mental powers to remember daily responsibilities (mindfulness)
  •  set goals for academic success
  •  sweat the small stuff (intro to grade averaging)

Check out full product previews here:

The Middle School Students Guide to Ruling the World!  (Student Workbook) $11.95
The Middle School Students Guide to Ruling the World!  (Instructor’s Guide) $45.95

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