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Audio Podcasts

Tween’s work habits, time management, and organizational skills curriculum The Middle School Student’s Guide to Ruling the World! is supported with ten fun audio podcasts. Listen

Instructional Slides

We’ve taken one more thing off your plate – all of our programs are supported with instructional slides. They’ll help keep your students focused, so you can keep instruction moving.


The Middle School Student’s  Guide to College, The 21st Century Student’s Guide to Financial Literacy – Going Global, and The 21st Century Student’s Guide to Financial Literacy – Getting Personal come with free vocabulary flashcards.


Each month we post a free lesson plan or activity — or both!  We also post links to any college readiness sources, websites, books, articles, or tools we come across that we believe would be valuable useful for teachers and students on the quest for college and career readiness. Follow us on  Twitter — we tweet when we post!


Questions? Concerns? Training? PD? Give us a call (949) 723-5131, or drop us an email at info@middleschoolguide.com  We’re happy to help.

Tips & Links 

Tween is committed to supporting your college readiness program. Our website is full of tips about college readiness skills and strategies and links to websites, articles, or other resources we think you might like knowing about. The tips and links are great for school or classroom newsletter articles, and parents love the information.


Important information for ebook buyers:

When you purchase an ebook, a link for downloading your ebook will display on the order confirmation page. Do not close that page before the download is complete.

Our ebooks are in a secure PDF format and cannot be downloaded to printers. Contact us for quantity licensing terms.

The ebooks are compatible with PC, Mac and Linux computers, as well as Apple and Android devices. The e-books are not compatible with the Kindle reader or Kindle Fire tablets.